Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arabic Resources -

FYI: This website is completely in Arabic is an online resource provided by the Arab Cultural Trust. The Trust works to preserve, promote and make Arabic language, culture, history and modernity accessible to all. is an organized and searchable resource with over 300 Arab heritage books, stories of every level of Arabic proficiency, Arabic and English content on architecture, environment, society, religion, and much more. Best of all, everything on the site - primary resources in Arabic, shared research, biographies, etc - is all FREE.

Imagine a lesson on Egyptian Colloquial paired with an excerpt by Taha Hussein...or a lesson with cultural vocabulary augmented with a piece on Aleppo...

We invite you to explore the site, integrate it into the classroom, and perhaps make a contribution to the content, your suggestions or recent research articles. We look forward to your participation.

Please contact us at for more info.

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