Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arabeya Association

Intercultural Communications and Marketing at the Arabeya Association is a renowned Arabic language school located in the heart of Cairo, Egypt and with branches in Giza and Alexandria. Our school specializes in intensive Arabic language and cross-cultural exchange programs with a variety of universities and academic institutions across the world.
Offering a diverse body of Arabic language programs in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the Arabeya Association also teaches courses on Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA), the most widely spoken dialect in the Arabic-speaking world. All instructors are native speakers of Arabic, and are required to possess an excellent command of English. Classes are small to allow for greater flexibility, and students are given a placement test upon arrival to ensure that they receive the proper level of instruction.

In addition to Arabic language classes, the school also offers its facilities for a wide variety of other academic pursuits, such as guest lectures and credited academic courses, taught by either members of your own faculty, if available, or by prominent Middle Eastern scholars from any of the academic institutions with whom we have a relationship, such as the American University in Cairo. Many universities and academic institutions have taken advantage of this attractive offer, such as Harvard, Columbia, New York, and Northeastern universities. While most of these courses tend to be focused on Middle Eastern or Islamic studies, courses in areas as diverse as photography and archaeology have been hosted at our facilities as well. More details about the specifics of their programs, alongside testimonials and references, can be found on our website at http://www.arabeya.org/ . The Arabeya Association is very flexible in what it has to offer, and is always willing and able to accommodate the needs of its students.

Outside of the classroom, the Arabeya Association offers a host of other activities and excursions to better introduce our students to the rich culture of ancient and modern Egypt. Greater Cairo alone offers a vast mosaic of opportunities for cultural immersion and interaction, and at the Arabeya Association, it is recognized how essential a component this is for a student's education and experiences in the Arabic language and Egyptian culture.

For further information, please contact: jameslatta@arabeya.org

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