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Sana'a Institute for the Arabic Language

Sana'a Institute for the Arabic Language

Sana’a Institute for the Arabic Language offers a well-structured Arabic language program in Standard Arabic and Yemeni Colloquial dialect, as well as courses in Yemeni culture. 

The Institute makes a serious effort to employ dynamic teachers who are specialized in the various facets of the Arabic language. All students enrolled at our Institute will study the basic components essential to mastering any language: reading, writing and speaking.
Many students also choose to have a particular focus in their studies, such as Arabic poetry, classical Islamic texts, Yemeni history and culture, political issues, and Arabic calligraphy. Our well-trained teaching staff will work with each student to make sure his or her needs are met by the Institute.
The standard Arabic program consists of eight levels of language instruction from low beginner to high advanced. The full-year curriculum consists of eight intervals. Each interval is considered a term. The estimated time for students to master each level of language instruction is 80 classroom hours in group classes or 40 classroom hours in one-to-one classes.

Our Arabic language summer program is an intensive program which consists of 4 hours a day of study, 5 days a week. During the summer term, our Institute also offers free classes in the Qur'an in the evening, as well as lectures on Yemen and Arab culture during the weekends.
SIAL offers full-term and half-term summer programs. Each 6-week full term course is designed to cover the equivalent of one university semester of Arabic. There is a one-week break in between each full term. Students can also enroll in any of our 3-week half term courses. There are no scheduled breaks in between half terms.
Students can either choose to stay in the student houses or opt for a different housing option. For the total cost, add the visa fee and rent, both optional, to the tuition.
Summer 2010 Course Dates and Prices:

Course NumberLengthTotal HoursBeginsEndsTuition
S10-313 weeks605 Jun23 Jun$450
S10-323 weeks6026 Jun14 Jul$450
S10-333 weeks6017 Jul4 Aug$450
S10-343 weeks607 Aug25 Aug$450
S10-353 weeks6028 Aug15 Sept *$450
S10-616 weeks12026 June4 Aug$840
S10-626 weeks12017 Jul25 Aug$840
S10-636 weeks1207 Aug15 Sept *$840
S10-919 weeks18026 Jun25 Aug$1215
S10-929 weeks18017 Jul15 Sept *$1215
S10-1212 weeks24026 Jun15 Sept *$1560

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