Thursday, April 21, 2011

École Suisse de Langue Programs in Egypt, Morocco, and the UAE

ESL - Language Studies Abroad (note: ESL is for "École Suisse de Langue", not English as a Second Language), is a Swiss agency specialized in the planning of language study abroad for students, adults, professionals and children. Please note that we are not a regular travel agency, as we don't offer "vacation" packages: we are focused on long term (6-12 months) learning and studying in a foreign country. With a little fun on the side, of course...
Our Arabic language programs offer students the opportunity to live and learn in Egypt, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. We only work with renowned schools which we select with care, and language courses are often completed with cultural or sports activities, sometimes even by a paid job or volunteer work. 
The prestigious Arabic language...a language course to discover it, to improve your skills in it? Whatever your motivations, your level of Arabic, the time you have at your disposal for this Arabic language course, we certainly have a "tailor-made" language course for you. For an intensive Arabic course of a month, for example, or for an entire year of Arabic language courses, our partner school in Cairo or Rabat will certainly offer a perfectly adapted solution to what you expect from a language course for studying Arabic.

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