Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mango Languages Online Language Learning

Mango Languages currently has online courses in Turkish, Farsi, Hebrew, and several other languages, but they are also looking to expand into Arabic. If you are interested in working with Mango as an instructor of Levantine or Egyptian Arabic please contact Ms. Pamela Kendall at 248-254-7450 x848 or pamela.kendall@mangolanguage.com

"Mango Languages is a great substitute for the Rosetta Stone Language programs since Mango bases their prices on the size of the community in comparison to a projected number is users, which can be incredibly pricey [, also available for individual use]. Not only will teens have fun using this program, it will help them build self-esteem and teach them many things about a culture, which includes manners and how to present oneself when traveling abroad."

About Mango Languages
Many moons ago, when the internet was still young, our founders set out to turn their love of languages and learning about the world into a successful business venture. They were driven to make a better, more effective language learning experience, and wanted to have a little fun along the way. After several years of refinement, refinement, and more refinement, Mango Languages was born. Today, Mango delivers a wide variety of language learning capabilities to people all over the world.

We’re dedicated to helping our customers fill their growing language learning needs with the most effective and fun tools around.

  • We currently serve one in five North American libraries…about 85 million library patrons and growing every day.
  • Many federal and government organizations, including the Department of Homeland Security, The Pentagon, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Health, Marines, Airforce, Coast Guard, and Joint and Special Operations Commands all use the Mango online language learning software.
  • Our system is currently used in elementary, middle, and high schools — both public and private – charter schools, vocational schools, trade schools, home schools, community colleges and universities across North America.
Now don’t get us wrong, we’re pretty proud of these accomplishments! But we’re also just getting started. We’ve got big plans for language learning, and we intend to be a driving force in its future. We’re always on the lookout for ways to make our products better as well as new methods or technologies that can help make language learning even more fun and more convenient for our customers. After all, language learning is all we do!

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