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Various 2010 Study Abroad Opportunities

Contents 1) Student Opportunity (Lebanon): AUST Announces First Summer Program for Lebanese Dialect
2) Student Opportunity (Jordan): Columbia Arabic Summer Program in Amman, Jordan
3) Student Opportunity (Egypt): Georgia Institute of Technology Arabic Summer Program
4) Student Opportunity (Morocco): Al Akhawayn University in Morocco offers intensive summer program
5) Student Opportunity (Michigan and Morocco): Michigan State Univ offers new summer Arabic program
6) Student Opportunity (Maryland): Univ of MD offers Arabic and Mandarin classes at the Smith School of Business

1) Student Opportunity (Lebanon): AUST Announces First Summer Program for Lebanese Dialect

The American University of Science and Technology Beirut, Lebanon Announces
The First Annual Summer Program for Lebanese Dialect SCALE
Sudy Colloquial Arabic in Lebanon

Duration: 5 weeks: July 5 August 6, 2010
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Credits: 6
Pre-requisites: At least one year of Modern Standard Arabic
Cost: $2,450 (includes tuition, d/o housing, and excursions)

Instructional Material: Haki bil-Libnani with DVDs and CDs
Instructors: Adnan Haydar, Paula Haydar, Nadine Sinno


Contact ahaydar@uark.edu or nhaidar@aust.edu.lb for more information and an application
Application deadline: May 3, 2010
2) Student Opportunity (Jordan): Columbia Arabic Summer Program in Amman, Jordan

We are happy to announce the summer 2010 launch of the Columbia Arabic Summer Program in Amman, Jordan based at the newly opened Columbia University Middle East Research Center http://cumerc.columbia.edu/.

Placement into the program and levels offered are flexible to accommodate students from various institutions and backgrounds. The program covers a full year of Arabic for a total of 12 points in two four- week sessions. Courses include:

Modern Standard Arabic, 10 points
Level 1: Elementary Arabic II/Intermediate Arabic I
Level 2: Intermediate Arabic I/Intermediate Arabic II
Level 3: Intermediate Arabic II/Advanced Arabic I
Level 4: Advanced Arabic I/Advanced Arabic II
Colloquial Jordanian/Levantine Arabic I-II, 2 points

Course-related field trips and cultural activities are organized to provide opportunities for students to strengthen their language skills and deepen their understanding of Arabic language, history, and culture. Sites to be visited might include Petra, the Dead Sea, Al-Aqaba, and Jarash. The program will also organize trips where students work with local communities on particular projects. Depending student interest, placements in arts internships will also be available.

For more information, please go to: www.ogp.columbia.edu

If you should have any questions or would like more flyers, please do not hesitate to contact me at tb46@columbia.edu or the Columbia’s Office of Global Programs at fjj1@columbia.edu.

I look forward to receiving applications from your students!


Taoufik Ben Amor,
Gordon Gray Jr Senior Lecturer in Arabic Studies
Arabic Language Program Coordinator at Columbia University
3) Student Opportunity (Egypt): Georgia Institute of Technology Arabic Summer Program

The Arabic program at Georgia Institute of Technology announces its Arabic Language for Business and Technology study abroad program for the summer of 2010. The program is a Georgia Tech faculty led program directed by Dr. Rajaa Aquil at the school of Modern Languages.

Immerse yourself in Arabic language, business, technology and culture for 8 weeks, between May 28 and July 23, 2010 in Cairo, Egypt. Academic program is directed by Georgia Tech faculty and taught in collaboration with the faculty at Arab Academy in Cairo. Eligible students are those who have done 3 semesters of Arabic.

The $5,650 program fee includes academic program, airport pickup and drop, group transportation, lunch, cultural and business site visits, lodging, guest speakers, extracurricular activities such as Arabic cooking, calligraphy and music ( the fee does not include airfare, visa, School of Modern Language application fee, tuition or Georgia Tech International Program Fee, tuition, independent meals, books). Tuition is for 9 credit hours. Out of state students apply as transient students and pay in-state tuition and fees plus $250. Please see the link below for the application as a transient student.

The academic program is of 9 credit hours of Arabic for special purposes. The courses are: Arabic for Business I and II, and one advanced Arabic listening and reading skills. The business courses will deal with business related language skills and culture, such as writing business letters, memos and reports. It will also teach and train the participants the etiquette of doing business in the Arab world. Being totally immersed in Arabic language and culture participants will have ample opportunities to work on advancing their reading, listening and speaking skills of Arabic. They will attend plays, conduct interviews with native speakers and will be engaged to conduct surveys and questionnaires interviewing native speakers of Arabic.

Lodging is in a very safe and major neighborhood of Cairo. Housing will be managed by Arab academy. Lunch will be offered to students at the premises of Arab Academy, which is located in Garden City, one of Cairo's major and up-scale neighborhood and close to the American Embassy as well.

Cultural visit and excursions galore. They will include visits to Egyptian cultural and historical landmarks in Cairo such as old Cairo, Islamic and Koptic Cairo, Giza pyramids, Saqqara, the Egyptian Museum, and a Nile Felluca Ride at sunset. Weekend tours and excursions include travel to Luxor, a boat cruise from Luxor to Aswan, to South Sinai where you climb the mountain, watch sunrise and visit St. Catherine, and then enjoy the coral reefs at the Red Sea, a weekend excursion to Alexandria where you visit Alexandria library, white sandy beaches, and enjoy eating at popular fish restaurants. All excursions are included in fees.

Business site visits: field trips to major engineering, construction, IT firms and companies, financial firms and banks,the Egyptian Stock Market, the American Chamber of Commerce, and the Smart Village.

Attend lectures in English given by noted Egyptians on current political, economic, music, art, theater and Cinema and other social issues.

Also enjoy extra-curricular activities and learning: Arabic music, dancing, calligraphy, and cooking.

Quick facts:
Location: Cairo
Duration: (8 weeks) - May 28-July 23, 2010
Cost: $5,650
Host Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
Non-refundable application Fee: $200
Application Deadline: February 15, 2010 for Transient students
Transient students: Check the following link: http://www.oie.gatech.edu/sa/basics/procedurenongt.php
First Payment: February 15th, 2010 - $3,000
Second Payment: March 15th, 2010 - $2650
Director: Dr. Rajaa Aquil: email rajaa.aquil@modlangs.gatech.edu

Academic Program:

Intensive 3rd year Language study
9 credits; 8 weeks; Three 3 credit hour courses
ARBC 3691 Intensive Advanced Arabic
ARBC 3692 Arabic for Business and Technology I
ARBC 3693 Arabic for Business and Technology II

Check the following links:

For detailed information contact Dr. Aquil. You will also need to fill in the online application form on the link provided above.
Rajaa Aquil, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Arabic
School of Modern Languages
Georgia Institute of Technology
613 Cherry Street
Swann Building #317
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: 4043857252
Fax: 4048940955
Email: rajaa.aquil@modlangs.gatech.edu

4) Student Opportunity (Morocco): Al Akhawayn University in Morocco offers intensive summer program

Arabic and North African Studies Program (ARANAS)

Summer 2010 in Morocco

Website: www.aui.ma/arabic

The Arabic and North African Studies program at Al Akhawayn University (AUI) in Morocco is an intensive summer program offered to students from all over the world, at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. Over the last 10 years, more than 500 students from 25 nationalities, most of them affiliated with North American universities, have come to the Middle Atlas Mountains in Ifrane, Morocco, to develop their Arabic language skills, learn about North Africa, and experience various aspects of Moroccan culture through club activities and field trips to such places as the sand dunes of southern Morocco, the historical medina of Fez, and the dazzling city of Marrakech. This number is in addition to the dozens of exchange students who take Arabic during their time at AUI.

The ARANAS program grants academic credits which can be applied to an individual’s degree program in his/her home institution. In fact, a diligent student, willing to devote himself or herself to preparing and attending the full morning of classes, and completing homework assignments, can realistically hope to achieve one full academic year of Arabic language by successfully completing the summer program.

One year of Arabic in 8 weeks:

May 31 – July 23, 2010

One semester of Arabic in 4 weeks:

Session 1: May 31 – 25,

Session 2: June 28 –July 23, 2010

Modern Standard Arabic

Arabic language courses carry 8 to 10 semester credit hours.

* ARA 1511/1512 Beginning Arabic
* ARA 2411/2412 Intermediate Arabic
* ARA 3411/3412 Advanced Arabic
* ARA 4611 Journalistic and Literary Arabic
* Moroccan Colloquial Arabic

North African Studies (June 3 - July 18)

North African Studies courses carry 3 semester credit hours.
* HIS 1301: History of the Arab World
* HUM 3301: Introduction to Islamic Art and Architecture
* SSC 2306/ SSC 5306: Issues in Contemporary North Africa

The program’s tracks and dates are posted on

Application Deadline April 21, 2010

For more information:
Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane
Hassan II Avenue, IFRANE 53000, Morocco
Phone: (212) 535 86 20 10 - Fax: (212) 535 56 2977
Contact email: arabic@aui.ma
Homepage: www.aui.ma/arabic

5) Student Opportunity (Michigan and Morocco): Michigan State Univ offers new summer Arabic program

You can participate in either one or both of these programs.

** Intensive Intermediate (201/202) Arabic **

- Dates: May 17 - July 2, 2010 (7 weeks)
- 8 credit hours
- Location: Michigan State University (East Lansing, Michigan)
- Pre-requisite: Beginning Arabic students who have completed one academic year of Arabic studies or the equivalent

** MSU Arabic Study Abroad Morocco 2010 **

- Three-week immersion into the Arabic language and Moroccan Culture

- This is a unique opportunity to live in the capital city of Rabat, while learning Moroccan Arabic, practicing Standard Arabic, and learning about Moroccan culture.
- On the weekends, educational excursions to the imperial cities of

Marrakech, Fez, and Meknes.
- Dates: July 3 - 24, 2010
- 4 credit hours

- Pre-requisites:
- Intermediate Arabic students who have completed at least two academic years of Arabic studies or the equivalent
- Minimum cumulative GPA: 2.75 / 4.0
- Open to non-MSU students who meet the program criteria

Check us out! https://sites.google.com/site/msustudyabroadmorocco/
Questions? Contact Brahim Chakrani, chakrani@msu.edu
6) Student Opportunity (Maryland): Univ of MD offers Arabic and Mandarin classes at the Smith School of Business

Subject : Arabic and Mandarin classes at the Smith School of Business
When : Monday, February 22, 2010 11:15 AM - Wednesday, May 05, 2010 11:15 AM
Where : Van Munching
Event Type(s) : Training

CIBER is offering 10-week, non-credit classes in Arabic I on Mondays (6 8 pm), Mandarin I and Mandarin II on Wednesdays (6:30 - 8:30 pm) starting week of February 22, 2010. Participants will learn basic communication skills necessary for study abroad or business travel, as well as gain insights into Arabic/Chinese cultures and customs. Classes are taught by well-qualified lecturers from UMD. Tuition is $100 (includes cost of textbook). Members of the public are also welcome. To register, please send an email to Karen Watts (kwatts@rhsmith.umd.edu) by February 15 with your name, email address, telephone number and language class preference.

For more information, contact:
Karen Watts
+1 301 405 9477

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