Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caravan al Sham

Al Sham is the old Arabic name for Syria, and Caravan Al Sham is an American-based company which assists students from around the world who wish to study Arabic in Syria.

Our first priorities are safety and education. We help students throughout every stage of their study abroad trip, from getting the visa, to getting a Syrian cell phone. We accompany our students from the beginning by picking them up at the International Airport in Damascus and we bring them to their private rooms in centrally located houses of old Damascus. We assist with registration at the University of Damascus where students will attend world-class courses in Arabic, and we can provide private one-on-one tutors. We teach our students about Syrian culture, provide excursion opportunities, and most of all, make sure that our students are comfortable and safe.

Caravan Al Sham’s mission is to ensure that the time our students spend in the land of Al Sham is as enriching and educational as possible.

By joining Caravan Al Sham you’ll get:
  • Full Tuition at the University of Damascus
  • Registration Assistance
  • A Private Room in an old Damascene House
  • Complete Visa Services for Syria
  • Travel Information and References
  • Contacts for Tutors
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Discounts at Syrian Stores
  • A Syrian Etiquette and Culture Class
  • An Introduction to Damascus Seminar
  • 24 hr. Emergency Assistance

We provide everything you’ll need so you will be able to concentrate on your studies, improve your colloquial Arabic, and absorb the local culture. In short, our job is to make sure that you have the most educational, enriching, and enchanting experience of your life. Think of us as your long lost family that you never knew you had in Syria.

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