Thursday, June 3, 2010

NELC Travel/Intensive Language Program Blogging Guidelines

Hello everyone!

 I'm so happy that you all are interested in blogging for us!! I received an email this morning asking for further details, and it reminded me that I have not posted any updated information. If you have any questions after you read the information below and visit the links please let me know and I will happily answer your questions!

 I did a google search and pulled up the best resources I could find on travel writing/travelogues. Below are my findings, as well as the topics that the IU Overseas Study Office uses with their students. Honestly, the formatting is up to you: 
  • You can simply answer the list of questions from IU Overseas Study Office.
  • You can write something that is as informal as a letter to a friend.
  • You can do something that is more formal and in line with the last few examples links.
  • You can limit your writing to a specific event or place that captured your imagination.
  • You can write installments about your entire trip that we can post as you send them.
  • You can take photos and describe why these scenes and/or people touched you.
  • You can take photos, post them to an online album with short descriptions and send us the link. OR you can send us the photos and descriptions and we can post them to the NELC photo album.

Really it is up to you, which is why blogging is so much fun! The keyword is YOU, as the possibilities are endless, but if you don’t choose a subject that you have something to write about, or you don’t find interesting then you are not going to have much to say about it… and it is going to be boring (Can you hear the crickets in the silence?).

How To’s:


IU Overseas Study Office Topics:
Term Abroad
Reason you chose this program
Favorite classes/activities
Describe housing
Best memory
Biggest surprise
Experience with culture shock or reverse of culture shock
Complete this sentence: If I could do it over, I would…
Going abroad versus staying on campus?
Fact about your host country that you think people would be surprised to learn

Photography Tips:
If you need tips on digital photography, so you don’t miss a moment of your trip check out Digital Photography School:

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