Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Volunteer in Kenya

Dear Students,
Global Village Volunteer Network is offering an exciting volunteering opportunity this upcoming August. This is a great way to have a once in a lifetime experience helping those in great need of help, while building close relationships with your fellow students and adding color to your resume/applications. We will be taking a trip with a group of about 30 volunteers to Nairobi, Kenya. The dates for this trip are set for August 2nd - August 23rd. During the first two weeks we will be volunteering for various projects in Nairobi and its surrounding slums of Kibera (Second largest urban slum in Africa). Each volunteer will have a choice of the project they would like to be involved in. You can find a list of programs listed on our website. You will also be able to work on multiple projects, if you find yourself interested in more than one of the programs. We will be staying with host families in Nairobi, which will allow for complete cultural immersion. Multiple volunteers will stay with the same family and the host families will be in close approximation to each other, so you will always be in contact with your fellow volunteers.

In the final week of the program, we will be touring different parts of Kenya, including Mombasa, the Maasai tribes of Kenya and taking medical supplies and food to an IDP camp. During this week, we will have options of going on safaris in some of the most beautiful savannas of the world, white-water rafting and more. The Program Fee is $400, which will cover, airport pickup and drop-off in Kenya, host family accommodations, 2 meals per day provided by your host family, program supervision and 24/7 support while in Kenya and government levies. The costs for the one week of travel will be separate and will be dependent on the activities we take part in and hotel accommodations. It should be noted that traveling in Kenya is very affordable and the costs will be shared amongst the entire group. In addition to the program fee, a registration fee of $200 is required from all participants. You will also be responsible for the Air-fare and travel costs in Kenya. For more information on the costs and what the fees cover, visit our Programs page.

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity while spots are still available and we look forward to working with you guys. As a note of assurance, we will have a experienced Kenya volunteer accompanying the volunteers during your entire stay. For more information, visit our website ( ) or contact us by email at 

If you are unable to make this organized trip in August, but still would like to experience such an opportunity, we have programs available all year round. Just check out our programs page and pick dates that work for you.

Best Regards,

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