Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fellowship Program for Research on Yemen for US Citizens

General Fellowship Program

Proposals are invited from graduate and post-graduate scholars for feasibility studies or research projects. Collaborative or group projects are eligible for funding. It is permissible to combine Arabic language study with a research or feasibility project.

There is no restriction as to field or discipline. Project funds may at present be used either for research in Yemen or for research on Yemen elsewhere. Projects are not normally funded above $10,000. Applicants may need to secure additional funding for other expenses or for extended research periods, but in the case of multiple awards AIYS reserves the right to modify or cancel its fellowship offer. A full statement of conditions governing fellowships may be obtained from the AIYS office. Researchers whose projects will take them to more than one country are advised to consider applying to CAORC's Multi-Country Fellowship Program as well as to AIYS.

Please note that there currently is a ban on using State Department-funded fellowships for travel to Yemen. For the current competition, AIYS is therefore accepting only applications for research on Yemen in venues other than Yemen.

Scholars planning to conduct research in Yemen funded by other sources are reminded that AIYS continues to provide its normal research support services in Yemen.

For further information, please contact the AIYS office or consult the research permit page on the website:

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