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International Job Opportunities 24th September 2010

Below is our latest Job Mailer.   If you are interested in any of the posts, please contact your recruiter. If you do not know who your recruiter is, please contact the office nearest to you by clicking HERE or email your enquiry to teacher@teachanywhere.com

Remember that we will need a CV,  and new online application or profile form to determine your match to the requirements of the post.

28-30 January 2011 - Middle East/North Africa schools group - Info session and interviews (London) for jobs in September 2011. Interview with Head Teachers face to face in London and hear about the considerations for working abroad. This high quality schools group hires teachers who will have 2+ years of consistent recent teaching experience at the end of next year.  The schools are mainly Broadly international and employment package is family friendly *only* if you are a teaching couple with both employed by the school - then you get free tuition for two dependent children. (quite a good deal)  Mainly UK curriculum with schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo and more.  You must pre-register for this even so please contact your consultant if you are interested.

January Start

Head of IB Maths in Qatar.  This is a great opportunity for a teacher to move into a promoted post and work under one of the best IB Head Teachers around. Salary is between 10,000QR- 15,000 QR/month ($2500 - $3750) plus flights, housing across the street with pool/gym facilities, and is family friendly. Candidates will ideally have IB Maths experience.

October Start

Hot jobs for teachers with 0-2 years of experience

A local private school located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi Island is seeking two female early years teachers. With local children and some Arabic staff teachers you will need to adapt to a very local environment with hardly any western teachers. These jobs are best suited to those more willing to jump into something completely different supported by quite a bit of independence and tolerance. You will need to be a teacher who can differentiate delivery on an English language basis and demonstrate a cultural understanding. A good package with accommodation close to the school is offered. This school welcomes South African teachers but is not family friendly. Salary from 7000 AED/month (US$1750)/month with free housing, flights yearly.

Teachers are still need for Early Years/Kindergarten, Elementary grades, middle school English, high school English and Head of English in a local fee paying US curriculum school in Dubai. This is a great opportunity for a less experienced teacher to gain a good grounding in international education teaching children whose first language is not english to develop skills that will serve you well in the future.  This school is in Dubai, but in one of the outer suburbs. Salary of 8000 AED/month (US$4000) with shared housing, flights yearly and 2 year contract.

Kuwait. An established  school offers an invaluable experience of teaching in a culturally and linguistic diverse environment developing differentiation skills that will be in great demand in the future. Such a school in Kuwait needs a good Secondary English with drama. Salary is from 750KD (US$2600) and a 1 year contract with flights and housing. Listen to an interview with a teacher recently returned form Kuwait here: http://www.teachanywhere.com/podcasts/quizzical-about-kuwait.mp3

Kuwait. If you are looking for a chance to work in a local international school with a multicultural setting in the Middle East then this school could be the one for you. The challenges of teaching children who speak english as a second language can provide an invaluable experience to help promote your career in the international arena. Salaries are good and accommodation is mostly shared but can be single for a small suppliment.  Well worth considering if you are a less experienced teacher. The school needs early years and primary teachers and a secondary english teacher. Salary is from 750KD (US$2600) and a 1 year contract with flights. It's a great way to get your foot on the international school ladder. Listen to an interview with a teacher recently returned form Kuwait here: http://www.teachanywhere.com/podcasts/quizzical-about-kuwait.mp3

Hot jobs for teachers with 2 or more years of consistent experience

Qatar - This family friendly school needs a Chemistry teacher for  immediate start. We just got feedback from a teacher we placed at this school who says, "We have had a week of really good orientation, involving meeting the admin staff and other new staff, learning about the curriculum and some arranged trips to the local shopping mall, souq and beach with transport. There has been lots of opportunity to talk to both exsisting management staff and meet new people, I am happy to say that I have made some friends already which made me feel a lot more settled. So far I like living on the compound with the other staff, as everyone is new and in the same boat. The workshops at school have been informative and interactive too. On the whole I am feeling very settled and happy so far and am looking forward to getting stuck in when the term begins!" This school is family friendly (free tuition for children) and even pet friendly, with apartments next to the school. Salaries are 9-12,000 QR/month (US$2250-2750) with free housing, utilities, flights and more.  Teachers with 1 solid year of experience may be considered for the Chemistry post.

A Swiss-British school in Abu Dhabi requires an experienced  Year 5 teacher. Very well resourced with a British curriculum, this school seeks someone with at least 3 years of solid, consistent, recent UK primary teaching experience.  Salaries are top notch - from 10,000 - 14,000 AED/month (US$2500 - 3500) plus lovely furnished housing, flights yearly and 2 or 3 year contract.  If you are a professional, committed teacher and would like to work alongside other committed, professional teachers at the top of their game, look no further.

Egypt beckons for the adventurous to combine historical exploration and Red Sea diving with a unique professional development opportunity in an up and coming English school just outside of Cairo. They are seeking a Foundation (Kindergarten) teacher. Listen to our podcast www.teachanywhere.com/podcasts. This school uses UK curriculum but will consider Australian, Irish, NZ, and North American trained teachers as well with 2+ years of consistent experience.

An exciting professional venture waits for you in the new Middle East in the heart of Dubai. An international school offering a handsome employment package is looking for Early Years/Kindergarten, Early Years Music, and selected school leaders (see management section below).  IB training is provided for secondary level which makes this school invaluable to the internationally minded teacher. Accommodation is single and centrally located near to shopping malls and beaches. Salary 9-14,000 AED/month ($2250 - 3500/mo), 3 year contract, flights yearly. This is a great opportunity! 

Top Management Jobs - October

An exciting professional venture waits for you in the new Middle East in the heart of Dubai. This is a broadly international school, which is very well established. It uses the UK and IB curricula and we have worked with them for years. Head of Department Primary PE (including extra curricular activities) and Primary school Principal.  And for Secondary management there is Dean of Studies for Grade 10 and 11, Secondary Deputy Principal for Curriculum . The accommodation is top notch and is close to shopping malls and beaches. Flights and housing are included but note that except for the top leadership posts (Head of Primary), this school is not family friendly. 3 year contract with flights yearly.
A Head of English is needed for this local international school in Dubai. Tax free salary, flights and housing, this will suit someone looking for a promoted post. Salary is negotiable but around 9000 AED/month.
Advisory teachers in Abu Dhabi:  
  • Male Primary Advisory teacher  Western Zone, Abu Dhabi. Salary of appx 250K AED + flights,  housing, bonus, medical and more. Top employment package but NOT family friendly. This is suitable for single teachers only, unless your spouse speaks arabic.  
  • Female Kindergarten Advisory Teacher Salary of appx 170- 220,000 AED + flights, tuition support for dependents, housing, bonus, medical and more. Al Ain and Abu Dhabi posts available.
  • Male Secondary Special Needs Advisory teacher needed to support several schools (so you must drive) in Abu Dhabi. Salary 225,000 AED+ housing, bonus, medical and family benefits including school fee allowances. You must have 3 + years of experience working with Special Needs children, especially behaviour management, as you will be advising state boys schools on best practice.
  • Male and Female ICT Advisory Teachers needed in Abu Dhabi. 200,000 AED+ flights, tuition support, housing and bonus. Family friendly!

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